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Home based business with Thermomix TM6 is a great idea! Thanks for considering it, Combine the things you love, food and home based busines, and it all will work magic!

I am sure you have a lot of questions, and we are here to help as your thermomix consultant. Let’s run through some of the steps now.

Ways to a Home based business with Thermomix

Why not make some more money, reduce your cooking time in the kitchen, build meals that have good ingredients.

“Hands down, it’s the Thermomix TM6. It’s the best time-saver in the kitchen. Since it pretty much does the cooking for you and helps you plan ahead, I’m able to whip up something fresh and easy for me and my daughter, yet still get through my list of things to do. Life. Changer.” Thermomix® TM6™ the “gadget that’s changed my life – Mel Alcantara .

Home based businesses with Thermomix is a great idea!
Side gig home based business

Home based business with Thermomix TM6 is a great idea!

The Thermomix® TM6™ can perform up to 24 different functions and techniques in one digitally powered countertop appliance. Quality designed, with one stainless-steel bowl, state-of-the-art mixing knife, precision heating element and an integrated scale the TM6™ does it all! From meal prep to clean up, the TM6™ makes homemade cooking effortless

Thermomix TM6
Thermomix all-in-one

From meal planning, to cooking, to clean up, the TM6® is the kitchen assistant that has your back so you can seamlessly create the perfect meal, every time.all in one solidly built machine called Thermomix® TM6® .

Foodies love theTM6, they call it their dream machine. Buying retail or choosing the homebased option completed through an easy Online ordering system, with each step guiding you along the way. There are TWO OPTIONS …

If you love You can choose, buy retail and enjoy using the greatest time-saver in your kitchen, BUY NOW – order Thermomix online directly right here with delivery to your home or read on and choose to merge your passion for food and a home based business!

Buying includes Welcome Service – A Thermomix® Independent Consultant (Chris Webb ID 404970) will provide a comprehensive introduction to the TM6®, a tour of all the features and functions, and even cook with you. Your Thermomix® Independent Consultant will be alerted with your order!

Home based businesses with Thermomix is a great idea!

Home based business with Thermomix – getting started!

It’s easy, to get started with your new home based business based around cooking, eating healthy and the best all-in-one kitchen technology (Thermomix). The company has been in business for over 50 years, and the product is excellent.

There is NO COST to become a Thermomix Consultant other than purchasing your Thermomix TM6 for home use. You can choose to buy a Thermomix over 12 months or choose the opportunity to Earn your Thermomix for FREE (TM4U) refer 4 and score – See how NOW! – GET STARTED today – complete registration for your home based business around food and eating healthy.

The online process is straight forward, walking you through registration which includes the TM4U (refer 4 others in 90 days) and receive your TM6 for free (each referral decreases amount to be paid over 12 month period, with 4 referrals, yours is free). Once choosing your payment plan option, upfront or over 12 months starting out 90 days after you start, I am here to help you get going. We have online meetings to review details, orientation and help you get your home business up and running. There are annula performance conventions and trainings to help you progress.

Contact Chris Webb ID 404970 at 705-302-9333 or [email protected] for any questions on options as you work through the online order process.

Home based businesses with Thermomix

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