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Foodie’s Thermomix TM6 Cleans Itself! Themomix TM6 has integrated preprogramed cleaning pre-wash cycles, for each style of food processing from making pastry dough to browning and crock potting with the temperature control system.

Thermomix cleans itself

Foodie’s Thermomix TM6 Cleans Itself, freeing you up to focus on food preparation! Release your passion for food and use the Thermomix to save time, save money, and improve your family life, and health with quality home cooked meals. Knowing exactly whats in your food, can help you attain goals like weight loss, caring for someone with diabetes, and othe issues.

Foodie’s Thermomix TM6 Cleans Itself

Don’t worry, the Thermomix can also be cleaned in other wasys. It is super easy to clean and, apart from the base unit, is wholly dishwasher proof. The jug and blades come apart with ease, but watch what you’re doing as the blades are extremely sharp and require careful handling.

As well, the TM6 also has an integrated rinse and wash function so you can pre-wash the tools you’ve used.

Thermomix TM6
Thermomix all-in-one

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Consider making some hot chocolate using the original all-in-one kitchen appliance that makes accomplishing more possible.

“Hands down, it’s the Thermomix TM6. It’s the best time-saver in the kitchen. Since it pretty much does the cooking for you and helps you plan ahead, I’m able to whip up something fresh and easy for me and my daughter, yet still get through my list of things to do. Life. Changer.”Thermomix® TM6™ as the “gadget that’s changed her life – Mel Alcantara

From meal planning, to cooking, to clean up, the TM6® is the ultimate kitchen assistant that has your back! You can seamlessly create the perfect meal, every time with this all-in-one solidly built machine called Thermomix® TM6® . For more information on Thermomix TM6 check this page or you could consider starting your own ultimate side gig, healthy eating and making money with home based business based around food and eating healthy including an opportunity of getting your TM6 for free(by referring 4 others). Your choice!

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